Cambridge Political Economy Society

The Cambridge Political Economy Society, founded in the 1970s, aims to advance the education of the public in political economy and related matters, and to promote research in matters pertaining to political economy and to publish the useful results of such research. To this end the Society publishes the Cambridge Journal of Economics, the Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society and Contributions to Political Economy.

In 1985 the Society established a charitable Trust which works to further these aims by providing funding for a variety of projects. More information about the Trust and the types of funding it provides is available here.

Sponsored Events

How to conceptualise Financialisation in Developing and Emerging economies? Workshop
This workshop, being held on 13-14 December 2018 at Girton College, aims to provide an assessment of the financialisation process in DEEs and stimulate conceptual discussions of whether, and if so how, financialisation is distinct in DEEs. Further, considering the argument that the term is either ill-defined or used without a clear agreed-upon definition, the workshop also aims to pursue more clarity on what financialisation means. See further details about the workshop HERE.

CJRES Conferences
The annual conferences hosted by the Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society usually take place in July each year. This year the conference was held on 13-14 July 2018 and the topic was Back on the Agenda? Industrial Policy revisited Conference. CLICK HERE for further details about this conference. In 2017 the annual conference, entitled ‘Globalisation in Crisis?’, celebrated 10 years of the Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society. The 2017 conference details are here.

Cambridge Realist Workshops
Seminars take place on Mondays at Newnham College, Cambridge, on a fortnightly basis. The presentations start at 8:00 pm, with wine and other drinks served from 7:30pm.
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St Catharine’s Political Economy Seminar Series
The St Catharine’s Political Economy Series Seminars are held on Wednesday evenings, during term time, with the theme of ‘Economics of Austerity’. The seminars are usually held in the Ramsden Room, St Catharine’s College, from 6.00-7.30 pm.  All are welcome to attend.
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