Cambridge Political Economy Society

The Cambridge Political Economy Society, founded in the 1970s, aims to advance the education of the public in political economy and related matters, and to promote research in matters pertaining to political economy and to publish the useful results of such research. To this end the Society publishes the Cambridge Journal of Economics, the Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society and Contributions to Political Economy.

In 1985 the Society established a charitable Trust which works to further these aims by providing funding for a variety of projects. More information about the Trust and the types of funding it provides is available here.

The Catalogue of the Library of Piero Sraffa is being published jointly by the Raffaele Mattioli Foundation and the Luigi Einaudi Foundation. Subscriptions are invited. Please click the link above for more information.

The Cambridge Journal of Economics special issue 'New Perspectives on the Work of Piero Sraffa' volume 36, number 6, November 2012 is freely available on the journal's webpages