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Boni Sones, Executive Producer Podchannels and Cambridge Business School Podcast Journalist, interviews conference organisers and participants on conference objectives, contributions to the conference and, last but not least, their views on the future of capitalism:

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Part 2:
Part 3:

The following podcasts of presentations in the Umney Theatre are included here with thanks to Mark Hayes


Welcome and Keynote Address 1
G C Harcourt Scholar, Policy-Maker and Teacher: A tribute

W. Harcourt, Society of International Development (Italy):
The Future of Capitalism: a consideration of alternatives

L. Taylor, The New School of Social Research (US):
Growth cycles, asset prices and finance

F. Patriarca and C. Sardoni, University of Rome "La Sapienza" (Italy):
Growth and distribution

A. K. Bagchi, Institute of Development Studies (India):
The current state of capitalism: a threat to democracy

V. Chick, University College London (UK):
The economics of enough

G. Dymski, University of California Riverside (US):
The political economy of too-big-to-fail megabanks in the capitalism of the future

A. Cohen, York University (Canada):
Veblen contra Clark and Fisher: Veblen-Robinson-Harcourt Lineages in the capital controversies and beyond

N. Norman, University of Melbourne (Australia):
The Future of Captialism: Reconstructing Marshall

G. Palma, University of Cambridge (UK):
Accumulation and insecurity in sluggish Latin American economies

Chairs: P. Arestis, S. Blankenburg, G. Palma, A. Singh and F. Wilkinson